Don’t panic! Don’t panic!

Two men of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance are prevented from travelling back from Malaga when their fellow passengers become concerned at what they consider to be ‘suspicious’ behaviour. Details are sketchy but apparently this behaviour consists of speaking Arabic and wearing bulkier clothing than the other passengers, most of whom are (according to another passenger) in shorts and flip flops.

Given that this flight is scheduled for take off at 0300 BST, arriving in Manchester a couple of hours later, it is clear that these two men are indeed guilty – of “Talking Funny while in Possession of Common Sense”.

I must have missed the announcement that airlines were now subject to mob rule. What kind of people are running Monarch Airlines that they allow a bunch of jittery package holidaymakers to dictate whom shall and shall not fly? Given that these two had obviously been through all the security measures in place at the moment even to get on the plane – and no doubt those were already more carefully observed than they were for the flip flop brigade – Monarch should have said that anybody who didn’t want to stay on board was welcome to get off and make their own way home. On the other hand, perhaps they should assuage the concerns of the majority by introducing some sort of system to indicate to their concerned passengers that such dubious characters have been properly vetted before being allowed to fly. Asking them to wear a yellow star, perhaps.

Next time I travel on an aeroplane I shall insist that the airline remove any Daily Mail readers from the plane, lest I get infected with moronic, jingoistic paranoia.

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1 Response to Don’t panic! Don’t panic!

  1. Deleted says:

    Removing hysterical Daily Mail readers sounds like a sensible option to such a nonsensical decision by Monarch.

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