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The last Woking day before Christmas

Just a few short days then until the long-awaited (in the sense that I haven’t seen a game since November 25th – it would have been easier to go without sex*) match against Woking. According to the Woking History Society, … Continue reading

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Word is spreading… very, very slowly

Long term readers of my weblog will both no doubt be as excited as I am by the arrival of my eighth cyberfriend. As we have established I don’t allow any old riff raff to join us here – Monica … Continue reading

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The Kindness Of Strangers

I was playing a quiz machine in a pub yesterday lunchtime when a tracksuit-wearing, mobile-phone-checking-every-two-minutes youth came and stood at my shoulder. “Want some help?” he asked me. I didn’t want any help. The whole point of playing quiz machines … Continue reading

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John Lennon was an idiot

Not one of my more popular subject headings, perhaps, but I have issues with John Lennon. Partly it’s the unmerited, Diana-esque hagiography which has surrounded him these last 26 years, which I’ll concede is hardly his fault. Partly it’s that … Continue reading

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Hiatus broken

Given that I appear to be struggling to locate that elusive synthesis of opportunity and inspiration that leads me to leave my deposits here, I thought I’d post an account I wrote almost exactly a year ago of an odd … Continue reading

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