New Cool Collective – Soul Jazz Latin Flavours Nineties Vibe

New Cool Collective is, I’ll concede, a pretty terrible name for a band. You have to cut them some slack because they’re Dutch, and although the standard of English of the average northern European far exceeds that of the average English teenager, it is still the case that knowing what words mean and knowing how they feel when thrown together are two very different beasts. People who have studied another language in depth will know what I mean. The simple knowledge of words does not by extension lead to an awareness of the beauty or ugliness that exists in their juxtaposition, which can be monstrously difficult to fathom.

Even so, New Cool Collective is a dreadful name. It reminds me of kids’ t-shirts I used to see in Spain, which would have English slogans on them which sort of worked but didn’t quite, because a non-native speaker had taken words which felt as if they belonged together and thrown them all into the mix. Stuff like Boat Leader Squad. South Captain Island. That sort of thing. Which is a shame, because New Cool Collective are, to rip off a quote I once had on a Reservoir Dogs poster, an amazing, awesome, pumping powerhouse of a band. As far as I can gather there’s a core of seven musicians, which expands to 19 or 20 for the big band performances, and what a blast those must be, literally.

At this point I would normally explain what sort of band they are, but the title of the album – another perfect piece of poor t-shirt sloganeering, it must be said –- does a pretty good job of it. Personally I’d throw the word Funk in there as well, and you can lose the Nineties because after 20 years they’re still going strong. Long may they continue.

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