Like an illiterate, writing for the very first time

I am giving away some Madonna postcards, which recently came to light in a clear-out, via the recycling site Freegle. They were included with a CD single I must have bought to sell at some point, and somehow the cards got separated from the single. Like all rational people of discernment I loathe Madonna, but as much as I would have enjoyed symbolically burning them or getting a cat to wee on them, I figured someone might want them – it’s just give give give with me, even to Madonna fans, for whom I have understandable contempt.

Here is the exchange I have had with the person who replied saying she wanted them:

plez can I have

You can. Let me know when you want to come and get them.

thanxs can i collect later today plez bout 3

That’s fine. See you then.


It is lovely, is it not, to have irrational and unwarranted disdain for a particular group of people, and then to have one of them give you justification for your bigoted position? Thanxs!

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